Recovery Begins When You Love Yourself First – with Louis DiMaggio

Louis shares how the path to recovery begins when you begin putting yourself first.

The Ability to Dance Fearlessly, Sober – with Ian Young

Ian has been working in the Addiction treatment industry - successfully touching the lives of thousands of addicted people and their families.

“I am Enough” – with Heather Stroh

Heather shares her journey on passing death to life, her struggles with addiction, mental health & the willingness to live, and finally, finding faith and freedom on her path…

Choose Your Struggle – with Jay Shifman

In this episode, Jay Shifman shares his struggle with a misdiagnosed mental health disorder, two suicide attempts, addiction to prescription pills, and, his long journey to recovery.

Healing Your Past, Following Suggestions and Helping Others Keeps You Sober – Erik A. (Life Story)

Erik shares how being separated from drugs and alcohol by force, when he ended up in a jail cell, made him re-evaluate his life.

Using Yoga as a Tool to Address Addiction, Depression and Anxiety – with Beth Shaw

Beth Shaw shares how you can use Yoga as a tool to address addiction and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Law Enforcement, PTSD, Addiction & Recovery – A Retired Police Officer on Dealing with Life on Life’s Terms – Mike Lando

In this episode, Mike, a retired police officer, shares how a significant incident in his career and the following events led to his increasing dependence on alcohol.

Appreciating Little Things and Living a Purposeful Life in Sobriety – with Christian P. (Life Story)

In this episode, Christian shares how no matter how many times you fall down, you can get back up, embrace sobriety, and live a meaningful life. 

How to Heal from Trauma & Addiction – Lisa Erickson on Using Meditation, Chakras & Energy Work to Transform Yourself

In this episode, Lisa talks about how we can heal and transform obstructive energy or emotional patterns using meditation, chakras and energy work. 

Embracing Discomfort to Begin Healing in Sobriety – with Eric R. (Life Story)

In this episode, as Eric shares his life story, you will hear how addiction to alcohol slowly crippled his life.