Adding “Alivefulness” to Life – David Brower on Serendipity, Gratitude, Love, Joy & True Happiness

With his own life experience and his unique style of motivational teaching, David Brower helps those struggling with drugs and alcohol to remain sober.

How Trauma Triggers Alcoholism – Dealing With Loss of a Child, 3 Strokes and Drinking – with Mike K.

Mike shares the ups and downs of his life, his childhood, his rise to success as a lawyer, family & health crises,  addiction to alcohol and path to recovery.

How Substance Abuse Destroys Families – A Lawyer’s Perspective on Addiction, Suicide & Relationships – with Jackie Harounian

In this episode, Jackie Harounian shares how substance abuse / addiction takes its tolls on our lives and the lives of our loved ones. 

We are not Bad People Trying to be Good, We are Sick People Trying to be Well – with Maurice O.

Maurice shares how he struggled with addiction for years, and how his life is now after he finally managed to get sober, and, stay sober.