Recovery Begins When You Love Yourself First – with Louis DiMaggio

Louis shares how the path to recovery begins when you begin putting yourself first.

The Ability to Dance Fearlessly, Sober – with Ian Young

Ian has been working in the Addiction treatment industry - successfully touching the lives of thousands of addicted people and their families.

“I am Enough” – with Heather Stroh

Heather shares her journey on passing death to life, her struggles with addiction, mental health & the willingness to live, and finally, finding faith and freedom on her path…

Choose Your Struggle – with Jay Shifman

In this episode, Jay Shifman shares his struggle with a misdiagnosed mental health disorder, two suicide attempts, addiction to prescription pills, and, his long journey to recovery.

Healing Your Past, Following Suggestions and Helping Others Keeps You Sober – Erik A. (Life Story)

Erik shares how being separated from drugs and alcohol by force, when he ended up in a jail cell, made him re-evaluate his life.

Law Enforcement, PTSD, Addiction & Recovery – A Retired Police Officer on Dealing with Life on Life’s Terms – Mike Lando

In this episode, Mike, a retired police officer, shares how a significant incident in his career and the following events led to his increasing dependence on alcohol.

Appreciating Little Things and Living a Purposeful Life in Sobriety – with Christian P. (Life Story)

In this episode, Christian shares how no matter how many times you fall down, you can get back up, embrace sobriety, and live a meaningful life. 

Embracing Discomfort to Begin Healing in Sobriety – with Eric R. (Life Story)

In this episode, as Eric shares his life story, you will hear how addiction to alcohol slowly crippled his life.

How Trauma Triggers Alcoholism – Dealing With Loss of a Child, 3 Strokes and Drinking – with Mike K.

Mike shares the ups and downs of his life, his childhood, his rise to success as a lawyer, family & health crises,  addiction to alcohol and path to recovery.

We are not Bad People Trying to be Good, We are Sick People Trying to be Well – with Maurice O.

Maurice shares how he struggled with addiction for years, and how his life is now after he finally managed to get sober, and, stay sober.