Healing Your Past, Following Suggestions and Helping Others Keeps You Sober – Erik A. (Life Story)

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In this episode, Erik shares how being separated from drugs and alcohol by force, when he ended up in a jail cell, made him realize that his life would continue to get worse if he stayed on that path. That is when he became willing to do anything suggested to him, embrace a program, and follow the path that was laid out for him in his journey to recovery.

What we discussed during the show: 

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:41 Erik’s favorite quote: “Let Go and Let God”
  • 02:19 Erik’s background
  • 03:28 How Erik got started drinking
  • 04:26 How his drinking progressed
  • 05:55 How he managed to stop and stay stopped
  • 07:50 What has Erik accomplished in his sobriety journey so far, and, what he hopes to accomplish in the future
  • 10:42 Erik’s typical day in addiction vs. now
  • 13:15 Erik’s thought on the key to finding long-term success in sobriety
  • 15:56 Top 3 reasons why people fail at staying sober
  • 19:04 What the word ‘recovery’ means to Erik
  • 19:34 Erik’s rock bottom
  • 21:15 Happiest moment of life
  • 23:53 Has Erik forgiven himself?
  • 25:33 What do people often get wrong about him
  • 27:11 What is Erik trying to learn
  • 27:27 What Erik wished he knew when he was 20
  • 35:44 Rapid Fire round – 5 Questions
    1. What’s on his nightstand: Notebooks, Books & a Phone Charger
    2. Favorite meal: Poke Bowl
    3. No. of hours of sleep every night: 6-8
    4. Favorite TV show: The Umbrella Academy
    5. One thing he’s grateful for today: His sobriety. His family.
  • 37:40 Erik’s advice to anyone struggling with addiction or lost & confused

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