The Ability to Dance Fearlessly, Sober – with Ian Young

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Ian has been in recovery since 2001, and has since been working around the world in the Addiction treatment industry – successfully touching the lives of thousands of addicted people and their families, showing them a new way to live and rebuild their lives. 

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What we discussed during the show:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:10 Ian’s favorite quote(s)
  • 06:03 Ian’s background and struggles
  • 12:43 How it all started
  • 19:33 How he was able to choose abstinence for good
  • 26:37 The key to finding long term success in recovery
  • 41:19 Rapid Fire round
    • What’s on his nightstand
    • Favorite meal
    • Favorite book
    • Favorite TV show
    • One thing he’s grateful for today
  • 37:35 About his book – “It’s Not About Me”
  • 41:25 Ian’s advice to anyone struggling with addiction

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Episode Transcript

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